Since weapons are a high-risk item, they are subject to legal requirements regarding their storage conditions. The rules for the storage of weapons and ammunition determine that the owner of the weapon is responsible for complying with all requirements.

It is he who is obliged to create conditions that ensure the safe storage of weapons. Any possibility of access by unauthorized persons to it should be completely excluded. The transfer of weapons or cartridges is also prohibited.

It is allowed to store weapons and cartridges only at the place of registration of a person who has a license for weapons.

  • Metal cabinets closing to the wrench;
  • Special safes for storing weapons with a lock;
  • Weapons storage boxes made of high-strength materials;
  • Wooden boxes, the surface of which is upholstered in iron.

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To ensure responsible storage of weapons, it is necessary to purchase special safes that meet all the conditions that are determined by the rules for storing weapons at home. The safe shall be at least 2 mm thick.

Following the instructions for storing weapons, it is necessary to purchase safes and determine their place for installation, which will be hidden from foreign views. Such safes can be furniture, embedded.

Hunters have not only cold and firearms. Ammunition is a mandatory addition to firearms. For the storage of ammunition, it is necessary to use special bags for the storage of cartridges, as well as safes for weapons, in which a special section for the storage of ammunition is allocated.